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As a relatively new business we strive to provide current technology at a reasonable cost, on time. We also feel that our relationship with irrigation district's is meant to be a long term commitment and as such feel our work and word is a personal reflection on us. Some of the items that we feel highlight our business are as follows:

  • California Licensed C10 contractor, Bonded and Insured
  • We are familiar with most district SCADA system equipment, operation and needs.
  • We are more than just SCADA. We understand system hydraulics, Motor control centers, system operation and IT support. Which leads to proper equipment and control for the field application.
  • We are always looking to the cutting edge, State-of-the-art equipment for communication and control technology. (not just the same old thing) This provides lower cost and improved reliability.
  • We understand the new technology must interface with existing equipment and strive to use standardized communications and operating systems.
  • All of our work is provided with documentation and training as needed.
  • We feel Preventive Maintenance is an important part of low cost-long term efficient system operation.


Approaches for SCADA support

  1. 1.SCADA system support can be provided on an as-needed time and material basis.
  • Prompt on time support at our normal rate of $115.00 an hour
  1. 2.A System maintenance contract which could provide the following, within budget and district needs:
  • District designed Preventative Maintenance (PM) program to address:
  1. oSensors and sensor maintenance
  2. oSensor desiccant
  3. oSensor calibration
  4. oSpare parts inventory
  5. oPLC and HMI upgrades
  6. oPLC RAM Batteries
  7. oUPS and Solar systems
  8. oRadio and antenna communication verification
  • Long range SCADA system planning.
  • System support response Emergency vs. Repair
  • Motor control center annual evaluation
  • Pre-season SCADA system startup checkup
  • Post-season SCADA system shutdown winterize
  • Personal training to manage SCADA system
  • Maintenance program documentation and tracking

Preventative Maintenance programs can have a wide variation in cost based on support. We have provided “tailored” SCADA contract support to a number of districts with costs ranging from $8,000 to $30,000 annually.

We would like to discuss a maintenance contract tailored to your specific district needs and budget.

Long Range Planning

Obviously all SCADA systems have a life and at some time require replacement or specific equipment replacement. SCADA systems are often constructed with specific equipment and software that at the time is the latest and greatest.   But time and technology often makes the system or specific components obsolete. We keep a close watch on current technology and your equipment to recommend specific replacements to plan for major upgrades and avoid emergency replacements costs due to obsolete system components.

  • 1 year SCADA expansion, maintenance and repair budgets
  • 5 year SCADA replacement and expansion plan budgets
  • 10 year SCADA expansion planning

Should you have any further question or would like to talk more about the annual maintenance program please do not hesitate to contact us.