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A proto type data logger development project was completed for FID that incorporated and inexpensive Modbus PLC and a simple Raspberry Pi programmed to
communicate with the Modbus PLC and specific data at a predetermined rate.


  • This was a development project for Fresno Irrigation District.
  • Project requirements as follows:
  1. oRelatively inexpensive
  2. oCapable of logging data in CSV files for specific registers at predetermined rate.
  3. oCapable of being integrated into their existing SCADA system in the future.
  4. oAbility to download via Wi-Fi with laptop/tablet near the site (In Pickup)
  • The Raspberry Pi was chosen because it was inexpensive and could easily be programmed to communicate in Modbus with the PLC.
  • FID’s SCADA system is Modbus based so to integrate this RTU into their existing SCADA system only required replacing the Raspberry Pi with a SCADA system radio.
  • FID Data Logger half