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SOFT START w/ Dynamic Braking

Pre existing Reduced Voltage Starter

Customer was having reaccuring issues with the Hand/CCWD ReducedVoltageStart

Off/Auto switch's not making contact at different times

throughout the day and night. The Agostat timers were

also giving the operators headaches at times. Most of 

the controls in this panel are not availble at any 

electical shops making it very unreliable.










Pumping Plant

This particular Pumping Plant pumps up to a 40 foot7B Pumping Plant

tank about 1/2 mile do west. In the picture you will

notice the Motor Actuated Valve the operators were

having trouble's with. Operators were getting alarms

at all hours of the night from the cams inside the

actuator not making contact. Plan was to buy a new

actuator and new Hand/Off/Auto switch's and have

an electrician wire it up. 


Soft Start

When Innovative Controls was contacted about theSoft Start 7b

Actuator upgrade we along with Bentek engineered

a Soft Start controlling sequence which eliminated the

Motor Actuated Valve where by slowly ramping up

the pump to reduce water hammering and slowly

ramping down the pump to stop the Check Valve

from hammering shut. The project was a success

and the cost was comparable to the installation of

the new Motor Actuated Valve and new

Hand/Off/Auto switch's. The big difference was the

new Solid State motor starter, which comes stock

with a Full Load Current inline motor starter incase

the Soft Start malfuntions making this pump a

Mission Critical Application.